Alternative Seaweed

10 calories (per serving)     £0.80     5 minutes
So on the phone to my mum and my flatmate informs me that her kale is going out of date tomorrow and she doesn’t want to waste it. On the phone my mum remarks that by combining kale with salt and an oven you can make it into seaweed. So what else is there to do but experiment and the result was very satisfying.
All you need is:
A tablespoon of salt
A handful of kale
Plenty of salt (sea salt if you have it)
To make it:
Wash the kale in a sieve.
Finely chop the kale and place onto a baking tray.
Top with plenty of salt and sugar and scrunch and mix together.
Put in the oven on around 150 degrees and keep an eye on it whilst its in the oven.
Once it starts looking browner take it out the oven and enjoy.

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