Bacon and Chicken Salad

chicken and bacon salad.jpg
354 calories     £2.14     50 minutes
Since being back at home I’ve been given free range of my mothers kitchen which means lots of healthy foods and lots of different sauces. Yet, I still felt this was a basic meal but a delicious one and very healthy whilst being filling at the same time.
All you need is
2 rashers of bacon
3 breaded chicken strips
Baby new potatoes
Handful of lettuce leaves
Grated carrot
For the dressing
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar
English mustard
To make it just
On a baking tray place the chicken and allow to cook for 20 minutes.
Next fill a saucepan with water and allow to boil, then chop up the new potatoes into halves.
Once the water has boiled put the potatoes in for around 15 minutes.
After 20 minutes of the chicken being in the oven put 2 bacon rashers on the tray then allow to cook.
Turn the bacon over after 5 minutes to cook both sides.
Whilst the hot food is cooking cut up the cucumber, pepper and cucumber into slices and chuck in a bowl with the lettuce leaves and grated carrots.
Drain the potatoes once they’re soft in the middle and leave in the sink to cool down.
Take the tray out of the oven and leave on the side too cool as well.
In a pot with a lid put a tablespoon of oil and vinegar with a small teaspoon of mustard and shake well to allow to mix well.
Cut up the bacon and chicken add to the salad and then top with the dressing and enjoy!

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