Chicken and Sweetcorn Pasta

chicken pasta.jpg
286 calories     £1.49     15 minutes
This meal is super quick to make – provided you have defrosted the chicken – and doesn’t take too many ingredients. It’s a great meal for lunch or dinner and can be eaten hot or cold.
All you need is:
Half a cup of pasta (full cup if you want a lot)
Half a small tin of sweetcorn
A chicken breast
To make it:
Boil and pan of water large enough to cook to pasta in.
Once the water has boiled add the pasta to it and leave to cook stirring occasionally.
Whilst the pasta is cooking heat a frying pan with oil and add the chicken chopped up.
Once the chicken is cooked through and the pasta is done drain the pasta and return to pot.
In the pasta pot add the chicken, sweetcorn and mayonnaise and mix together so it’s covered with mayonnaise.
If you’ve got leftovers pop them in a tub and they’ll be good for the next day’s lunch.

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