Chilli Cheese Burger

949 calories     £1.17     5 minutes (plus 10 minutes in the fridge)
After venturing to many home made burger restaurants I realised that god created burgers to be made thick and tasty not thin and for 99p. So, after many failed attempts to make my own burgers I had to call in the father, and under his text tips I managed to create this beauty. Serves 1


All you need is

Chilli flakes
Red onion
Burger buns



To make it just
In a bowl, mix the mince with a cracked egg, chopped onions – very finely chopped, chopped cheese – again very small chunks, teaspoon chilli flakes and finely chopped breadcrumbs (I just used another burger bun half).
Mould the mix into a burger shape and place into the fridge on a plate for roughly an hour.
After an hour take them out of the fridge and place in a frying pan with oil so they don’t stick.
Keep turning them over until they are fully cooked then top with more cheese if you want and put under the grill to melt.
Place the burger into a bun with lettuce and a sauce of your choosing and enjoy!

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