Kale, Salami and Cheese Fritta

kale fritta.jpg
367 calories     £1.53     10 minutes
This little fritter is the ideal alternative to a normal boring sandwich for lunch or perfect as part of your evening meal. I used kale, salami and cheese as my main ingredients but you can use whatever you like for yours.

All you need is:
Handful of kale
Half red onion
Slices of salami
Grated cheese
2 eggs

To make it:
Crack the eggs into bowl
Chop the kale, salami and onion finely and add to the eggs
Mix together and put into a small dish I used a small frying pan but can use a muffin or cupcake dish.
Add milk to the pan so the liquid covers the food.
Cook under the grill for around 20 minutes on 200 degrees.
After 20 minutes top with grated cheese and put back in grill under it looks browned on top.
Then leave to cool and enjoy!

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