Peanut Butter Bites

129 calories      £0.76     25 minutes

Being at home a lot it’s easy to get incredibly bored so like any normal human being instead of sitting in my living room binge watching Orange is the New Black I headed into the kitchen. I found a recipe online for peanut butter cookies but once I started making them I realised I didn’t have half the ingredients I needed so instead create my own little version which goes something like this. Makes 10

All you need is

140g of peanut butter – 70g smooth, 70g crunchy
2 bananas
170g of oats

A handful of mashed up chocolate

To make it just
In a bowl put the peeled bananas and mas them with a fork, then mix in all the other ingredients.
Mix the bowl well until the mixture becomes a thick paste.
On a baking dish spread butter before topping with flour to avoid bites from sticking.
Grab a handful of mixture and roughly put in a ball shape and place on tray, continue until all the mixture is used.
Put in the oven on a medium heat for 20 minutes.
Where to buy
ASDA Tesco Sainsbury’s
Peanut butter £0.62 £0.65 £1.30
Bananas £0.68 £0.68 £0.68
Oats £0.65 £0.65 £0.75
Chocolate £0.30 £0.30 £0.35

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