Simple Fajitas

591 calories     £2     40 minutes
After work its easy just to grab some fast food on the way home or a takeaway, however, sometimes home cooked food can be quick. These simple fajitas are so easy and quick to make that you’re stomach can be full within 40 minutes (provided you’ve defrosted your chicken).

All you need is:
A chicken breast
A red onion
Fajita seasoning
Salt and pepper
2 wraps
BBQ sauce

To make it:
Cut up the chicken into chunks and put in a frying pan with oil and fry.
When it starts to go white add the chopped onions.
When the onions start to cook and the chicken is white all the way through take off the heat.
On a plate put 2 wraps and fill with salad leaves and cucumber before topping with chicken and onion and then add BBQ sauce then wrap up.

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