Spanish Omlete

413 calories     £1.05    10 minutes
So with the first year coming to the end food cupboards are starting to look bare so I managed to make this little dish with a few bits of food in the cupboard. This is a very quick snack perfect for a small lunch as it only takes 10 minutes to create. Serves 1
All you need is
2 eggs
Splash of milk
Salt and pepper
Red onion
Red pepper
To make it just
Chop the salami, cheese, red pepper, potatoes and red onion into cubes.
Put the potatoes into a large mixing bowl and top with water before putting in the microwave for 5 minutes.
Drain the potatoes then add the onion, pepper, cheese and salami before cracking the eggs in and using a fork mixing it together then add the milk
Put into a small saucepan before cooking on the hob then place under the grill to finish.

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