Tuna Pasta Salad

366 calories     £2.22     15 minutes
So after a long day at work I just could not be bothered to cook so decided to make tuna pasta one of my easiest dishes. However, this time I wanted to change it up a bit and try to include some more healthy elements. So this is me getting back on my health streak. Serves 1

All you need is
A bag of salad leaves
Tin of tuna
Red onion

To make it
Simply boil water in a saucepan.
Once the water is boiled add half a mug of pasta.
While the pasta in cooking in a mixing bowl put a handful of salad leaves, chopped up tomatoes, cucumber, radish, red onion and sweetcorn.
Top with a flaked up tin of tuna.
Then once the pasta is done add to the bowl before topping with mayonnaise and mixing together.

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