Bacon and Red Pesto Pasta

410 calories     £1.88     15 minutes

Before work on a Saturday I always want to try to have something light yet filling which doesn’t require too much energy to make. In the past I have made similar dishes to this but this time it was a lot more simple with basic ingredients. I did find as well the more simple it was the better it tasted, the chilli flakes also help give it a great kick. Serves 1

All you need is

3 rashes of bacon

80g pasta

Handful spinach

1 tbsp red pesto

3 baby tomatoes

1/2 tps garlic

1/2 tps mixed herbs

1/4 tps chilli flakes

To make it just

Boil a pan of water then once it’s boiling add the pasta and leave to cook.

Under the grill cook the bacon.

After 10 minutes add the spinach and chopped up tomatoes to the pan and leave to cook.

Mix in the herbs and garlic.

Once the bacon is cooked chop it up into small pieces trimming off the fat and then mix this in with the pan.

Drain the pan and then place in a bowl and mix in two tablespoons of red pesto.

The results are in

The bacon helps add something to this meal, if your a fan of salt make sure you add some to the bacon during the cooking process to add to the flavour. If you don’t like spice then get rid of the chilli flakes as they help add a lot to this dish even though you don’t have a large quantity.

If you’re trying to be heathy then you can add more spinach or tomatoes and can always substitute the bacon for more vegetables like carrots or peas. However, I wouldn’t suggest including no meat at all (unless your a veggie) as it does need bulking up slightly.

This being said, it’s a very quick meal which you can guzzle down hot or you can cook it up, pop it in the fridge and have it cold.

Where to buy

Asda Tesco Sainsburys
Bacon £1.31 £2.00 £2.00
Pasta £0.59 £0.59 £1.45
Spinach £1.00 £1.00 £1.00
Red pesto £0.90 £1.00 £1.00
Baby tomatoes £1.75 £1.00 £0.90
Chopped garlic £0.74 £1.00 £1.65
Mixed herbs £0.69 £0.70 £1.65
Chilli flakes £1.24 £0.85 £1.65

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