Vegetarian week

This week I conducted a little experiment; becoming a vegetarian. Whilst I am a big meat eater I am aware that not all students are, and as a result I wanted to see what it’s like being a vegetarian student.

I’ve created a food plan for the week to ensure I stay on track, however, due to being a student my weekends don’t usually start until lunch so I skipped breakfast ideas for Saturday and Sunday.

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My vegetarian week


First day hasn’t gone too bad. I managed to eat foods which I haven’t in a while as well as new foods such as lentils. My dinner was surprisingly filling and full of flavour. So far so good.


Due to waking up late breakfast was skipped and lunch turned into a Starbucks run but still stuck on plan. The head chef at my work cooked me a garlic, cherry tomato and parmesan pasta tossed in olive oil. Must admit, I did miss my usual bacon and tomato pasta.


Not much food was consumed today due to coming down ill. Breakfast was skipped and lunch was tomato soup with bread. Dinner was macaroni cheese instead of cheese pasta bake and cooked with far too much cheese than is healthy.


I found today it difficult to eat at university on a veggie diet, the only food really available and tasty for lunch was a salad bowl; which was nice but it would of been better to have had more choice. Dinner was a vegetarian burger with cheese and pineapple which amazed me by how good it tasted and may, dare I say, have even converted me from meat burgers.


Much like yesterday I found it hard to eat at university, my only two choices for lunch really were a mozzarella, basil and tomato panini or cheese and pickle sandwich. ASDA on the other hand had a few vegetarian snack pots which were tasty and delicious my choice; ASDA Good & Balanced Tomato & Basil Couscous & Quinoa.


I was too tempted to spend my morning in bed and let my duvet win. So a late lunch of leftover chickpea and potato curry was enjoyed and then a salad pitta bread after work prepared by my lovely head chef.


As usual I found lunch difficult today, but the football was on which luckily meant I didn’t need a full lunch so had pizza, crisps and cookies. To end my vegetarian week I decided to do the same dish as I had done when starting my week, lentil chilli con carne, however I had it this time with sour cream and doritoes.

Overall I found this week wasn’t incredibly difficult and my dinners were nice changes to the usual chicken pasta. However, I found eating vegetarian at University was a big struggle and I am planning on looking into this further as a matter of interest.


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