Stuffed avocado

221 calories      £1      20 minutes

As explained in last weeks recipes; avocado egg muffin I’ve never really had avocado in the past. Now I had tried it I was hooked. I had seen stuffed avocados online and now I knew I liked them I figured why not give them a try? I choose to use couscous but you could stuff your avocado with pretty much anything! Serves 1

All you need is

20g of couscous

½ chicken stock cube

1/8th red onion

1 cherry tomato

1/8th red pepper

½ avocado

To make it just

In a bowl place the couscous and stock cube and cover with boiling water mixing well to combine the stock and couscous.

Finely chop the red onion, tomato and pepper then add to the couscous mix.

Remove the skin from the avocado and place onto a tray.

Fill and top the avocado with the couscous mix.

Place in the oven on 150C fan and leave for 5 minutes.

Then remove from oven and enjoy.

The results are in

I had high hopes for this dish, and while yes it tasted great something seemed missing. The avocado overpowered the couscous and as a result the whole meal tasted incredibly strongly of the avocado.

I know this concept seems strange as it is a stuffed avocado but the avocado itself could have been seasoned simply with salt and pepper to make the dish more flavourful.

Overall I do feel it was a success but as someone new to the world of avocados it’s not something I would race for. Avocado lovers, you’ll love it!

Where to buy

ASDA Tesco Sainsbury’s
Couscous £1.20 £1.35 £1.20
Chicken stock £0.59 £0.30 £0.65
Red onion £0.75 £0.79 £0.75
Cherry tomatoes £0.79 £1.00 £0.90
Red pepper £0.60 £0.50 £0.40
Avocado £1.00 £1.00 £1.50

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