14 features for Christmas, Day 1: where to start

When it comes to Christmas, money always seem to be an issue. With masses of presents to buy and food to purchase it’s no wonder we get stressed this time of year. However, I have created a Christmas countdown in the form of blog posts to help you save money on the dinner table.

Over the next 14 features I will look at how to save money on each component of Christmas day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner the whole day will be covered, so here is a quick overview of what to expect and how to shop.

Whilst so many of us rush out to buy food in advance, often, towards the 25th as it gets closer food nears there sell by dates and whilst it is still perfectly edible, many do not wish to eat it so supermarkets mark it down by half.

File_000 (6).jpegIt’s always important to make a list of what food you want, that way you can shop all over the place and avoid buying the same products twice. Don’t limited yourself to just one supermarket, often local butchers and greengrocers have offers on during the festive season.  

Having said that you can shop last minute for great deals, there is nothing to say don’t shop early either. To avoid rushing to create all your food from the 20th onwards why not get a head start? Many meals can be made in advance and refrigerated or frozen and enjoyed on the day.

Christmas tends to be filled with meat but there are many delicious vegetarian options which can fill your dinner table. From sides to nibbles, there is no reason that meat eaters cannot enjoy; honey covered vegetables and cheese bellinis.

Traditions tend to vary in every household for each meal, but the next few weeks of blog posts will look at different dietary requirements as well as new takes on old classics.

First post; breakfast – different in every household, but I will be looking at budget options for your Christmas morning.


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