14 features for Christmas, Day 2: Breakfast

Breakfast, this is different in every household, in my home, we tend to do a typical full English; normally a small selection of bacon, eggs, sausage and toast. However, for many it’s smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

Pain of living with non fish eaters is that we start are day of with sausages and bacon. For cooks its easier, as a fry up can suit many taste buds so eaters can pick and choose what you like. Another bonus is you can have either a small or large plateful to avoid feeling too full.

file_000Shopping list for feeding 6; sausages, bacon, eggs, tinned plum tomatoes, fresh bread, butter, hash browns, mushrooms and baked beans.

ASDA: £8.86

Tesco: £9.59

Sainsbury’s: £9.75

Averaging at £1.56 per person.

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs have been a long running Christmas tradition for many families. It can be made in various ways but for me, slices on top on buttered thick brown bread with scrambled eggs on top is the dream. Simple and elegant. 

Shopping list for feeding 6: eggs, brown bread, smoked salmon, butter, milk, salt and pepper.

ASDA: £7.02

Tesco: £6.51

Sainsbury’s: £7.15

Averaging at £1.37 per person.

When it comes to buying breakfast you shouldn’t need to look too far ahead. It is worth deciding what you are having, a lot of the ingredients for the fry up can be frozen if you buy them on offer before the big day.

If you opt for salmon go and visit your local fishmonger – no not the one in Tesco – as they’ll have a lot of offers on in the run up to Christmas.

*prices correct as 1/12/2016


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