14 days of Christmas, Day 5: meat time

Meat, don’t worry vegetarian readers, there is going to be things on here for you. However, I cannot neglect the main event; a turkey. Closely followed by a ham and beef joint.

Turkey, the bird of choice for Christmas dinner tables, only really eaten this time of year, turkeys are available everywhere, from butchers to supermarkets. Here is a little price check for you:

These turkeys are all frozen but it gives you a rough idea of where to look this year. Turkeys christmas turkey.jpgcan of course be purchased frozen and cooked on the day and stored weeks beforehand. The prices below are for a 5-6kg bird which can feed 8-14 people.

ASDA: £17

Tesco: £16

Sainsbury’s: £16

Once you’ve got your turkey it’s time to think about how to top it, there are many options but below are my two favourites, one is Christmassy and the other, well, has bacon.

Maple bacon:

6 rashers bacon, 140g butter, 1 tbsp maple syrup.

Mix the butter and maple syrup, cover the turkey with bacon strips then pour the butter mix all over the bird.

Average cost: £1.89


100g butter, zest and juice 2 clementine, 1 tbsp sherry, 1 tbsp thyme, 2 bay leaves.

Cover the bird with the zest and juice of 1 clementine. In a bowl mix all remaining ingredients and cover turkey.

Average cost: £1.33

*Prices correct as of 5/12/2016


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