14 Days of Christmas, Day 10; Puddings

Pudding is the moment we all look forward to the most, with so many choices. One main choice is of course Christmas Pudding. However, I have found through research that so many people have their own takes on Christmas Pudding as a result I want to show you the other options.

A yule log is of course a Christmas classic, but it’s something my mother has made for many years. A simple dessert which can be made in advance and tastes great.

Yule Log.jpgShopping list: eggs, caster sugar, self-raising flour, cocoa powder, double cream, butter and icing sugar.

Method: pre-heat oven to gas mark 6, grease and line a swiss roll tin. Beat 4 eggs and 100g sugar. Mix 65g flour and 40g cocoa then sift into eggs. Fold and place into tin, bake for 10 minutes. Whip 300ml double cream. Lay cake out on baking paper and cover with cream then roll and cool. Mix 20g cocoa powder, 50g soft butter and 200g icing sugar. Then once cake is cooled cover with mixture and decorate s you like.

ASDA £6.05 | Tesco £6.11 | Sainsbury’s £6.21 | Average log £2.64

There are many other puddings but some of my favourites are:

Eton Mess, £3.72, serves 6, ready in 2 hours

  • Pre-heat oven to gas mark 3, whisk 3 egg whites and 1/4 tsp lemon juice, gradually add 200g sugar.
  • Prepared a tray and lay egg mixture, bake for 1hr 30 on gas mark 1, cool and smash up.
  • In  bowl mix meringue, 300ml low fat natuarl yogurt, 200g chopped strawberries and 100g cranberries.

Chocolate orange cheesecake, £3.37, serves 8, ready in 7 hours

  • Blitz or smash 300g chocolate biscuits, mix with 125g melted margarine and place in bottom of cake dish firmly pressing down.
  • Combine 200g low fat cream cheese, 100g light mascarpone, 75g caster sugar, zest and juice of 2 clementines and place on biscuit base.
  • Refrigerate for at least 6 hours until firm.

Clementine and ginger puddings, £1.79, ,serves 6, ready in 20 minutes

  • Pre-heat oven to gas mark 6, grease a pudding dish and drizzle 1 tbsp golden syrup in.
  • Cream 140g butter and 175g sugar, fold in 3 eggs, 140g self-raising flour, 1 tbsp ginger and juice and zest of 2 clementines.
  • Place in another tray and half fill it with boiling water, cook for 30 minutes until puffed up.



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