Chocolate and berry breakfast bars

96 calories     £1.06     10 minutes plus 8-10 hours setting time

Breakfast bars are so simple and easy to make and taste so good, especially when they’re loaded with chocolate and berries. These were gooey and gorgeous, a perfect healthy treat which an extra kick. Serves 6

All you need is

50g dark chocolate

100g frozen berry mix

1 tablespoon pumpkin seeds

75g cornflakes

1 tablespoon mixed nuts (peanut and cashew)

To make it just

Melt the chocolate in a bowl. Line a dish with baking parchment.  Mix in the fruit and nuts to the melted chocolate and place in the lined dish to set in the fridge overnight.

When they’ve start to go hard cut them into squares and enjoy, keep in the fridge.

The reviews are in

Chocolatey goodness, mixed with healthiness, whats not to love? These are perfect for someone with a sweet tooth. When you’re trying to be healthy it can be difficult giving up sweet things but you don’t always have to.

These are incredibly gooey so you have to keep them in the fridge before eating, which is of course a slightly downside. However, next time I make them I will add some more cornflakes to bulk it up. I may also ensure the mixture is entirely cold before placing into a dish to cool.

Overall, these were great. A little gooey so difficult to hold when eating but tasted great.

Where to buy

ASDA Tesco Sainsbury’s
Dark chocolate £0.30 £0.30 £0.35
Frozen berries £2.00 £2.00 £1.50
Pumpkin seeds £0.80 £0.85 £0.85
Cornflakes £1.00 £0.99 £1.00
Mixed nuts £2.00 £1.20 £2.00

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