Tortilla Calzone

544 calories     £0.89     25 minutes

For a pizza lover, eating healthy isn’t always easy, as a student it feels even harder. With so many takeaways at your finger tips it’s no wonder we consume pizza. This tortilla calzone is similar to the tortilla pizza and pizza rolls they’re both amazing healthy alternatives, plus they’re quick than takeaways. Serves 1

All you need is

3 slices of courgette

1 tbsp passata

1 tbsp pesto

4 slices of green pepper

½ spring onion

1 tbsp olive oil

2 slices mozzarella

1 tsp Parmesan

1 tomato

1 tortilla

To make it just

On the tortilla cover with the passata and pesto mixed together.

Then on one half of the tortilla place the filling of; courgette, green pepper, spring onion, tomato, mozzarella and Parmesan.

Fold the other half of the tortilla over the top and press the edges together.

Use passata around the edges to stick them down then crimp the edges with a fork.

Gently rub olive oil over the top and bottom of the calzone and place in the oven on 200C for 20 minutes to allow it to crisp.

The reviews are in

As someone who enjoys thin crust pizzas this is a tasty and healthy lunch with filled me up and satisfied my pizza needs.

If you prefer deep pan pizzas then these may not be to your taste buds, however, I will continue to work on alternative for deep pan pizzas.

Overall, this was great treat and a simple dish, you can fill it with a wide variety of ingredients and get your 5 a day from just this dish.

Where to buy

ASDA Tesco Sainsbury’s
Courgette £0.48 £0.38 £0.48
Passata £0.35 £0.35 £0.50
Pesto £1.90 £1.00 £1.00
Green Pepper £0.60 £0.50 £0.40
Spring onion £0.45 £0.49 £0.45
Olive oil £3.50 £3.50 £3.45
Mozzarella £0.47 £0.47 £0.50
Parmesan £2.00 £1.50 £1.60
Tomatoes £0.79 £1.00 £0.90
Tortillas £0.75 £0.90 £0.90

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